ICT x Robots for Innovation in 21st Century Agriculture

Japanese agriculture is facing serious labor shortages, including an aging agricultural workforce. In order to solve these problems and make agriculture a growth industry, “smart agriculture” utilizing Japan’s advanced technology is required. Our laboratory aims to bring about innovation in agriculture through “robotization,” such as unmanned tractors, and “informatization,” in which the skills of veteran farmers are converted into data and utilized!

Messages from Faculty

Laboratory of Vehicle Robotics


Dean, Faculty of Agriculture

The use of robots and ICT is essential in agriculture. The new technologies we have researched and developed will make a significant contribution not only to Japanese agriculture, but also to the sustainability of food production worldwide. 

Laboratory of Vehicle Robotics

OSPINA A, Ricardo

Assistant Professor

Welcome! Our goal at the Vehicle Robotics Laboratory is to develop new technologies that make the farmers’ labor easier and more efficient.

Collaboration Laboratory (Laboratory of Applied Bioproduction Engineering)

ISHII, Kazunobu

Associate Professor

If you look at this laboratory, you can see how agriculture will change in the next 10 to 20 years. We want to make this laboratory such a laboratory.

Social Innovation Division for Planetary Boundary


Visiting Academic Staff
(Sony Group Corporation)

We aim to cross borders and co-create in the field of smart agriculture, which is close to society and integrates a wide range of technologies such as robotics, sensing, and AI!

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